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Cable monkeys

(or "why we should have done it ourselves")

Take one building. Add to it a sprinkling of modern technology. All that is required now is to install the bits of wire that allow said articles of modern technology to talk amongst themselves, also known as a network.

Now, seeing as making holes in walls and fitting trunking is such menial work, this kind of thing is generally farmed out to that unique entity, the data networking infrastructure corporation, also known as rent-a-chimp.

This company will, after depriving you of more than one arm and leg, proceed to do its utmost to turn your nice, plush office into something that has more in common with Bazra airport than a Midlands-based technology company.

Cable, anyone?

General carnage

Not content with the physical distruction they inflict upon your office, they decide to have a go at your existing infrastructure as well:


Yes, that is the central switch and patch panel, delicately hung via a nylon cable tie from a chipboard screw. Of course, why stop there?

There's a server there somewhere...

To a cable monkey, any technical sympathy shown towards customers' equipment is a sign of weakness:

Poor DLT

So there you have it. Cable monkeys at their best. Or something...

This page was last updated: 31st March 2007 at 3:19pm BST

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