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Useful stuff

This is a rather random compilation of all of those things we at Goat Towers have come across over the years that have proved to be reasonably useful one way or another. No real organisation here - just a whole load of info!

This page was last updated: 3rd August 2015 at 10:39am BST

KX-TD1232 infoInfo, references and HowTos for Panasonic's KX-TD1232 Digital Super Hybrid System PABX
BBC Climate Change ExperimentDetails of Disgruntled Goat's participation in this project
GPS reference clock NTP server with GentooWhen stratum 2 just won't do...
Land Rover VIN CheckerSee if the VIN / chassis number of a Land Rover matches it's appearance
Adult AOL Password GeneratorYou know those passwords AOL use? Well...
Style TestJust a quick style test...
Drive array MTBF calculatorFind out when your nice shiny drive array will pop its clogs...
Fitting TruMobile 350 bluetooth into an Inspiron 630m with GentooHow to get a bluetooth module INSIDE a laptop that doesn't have it by default
Data line speedsDetails the various standards for leased data connections
Gentoo Linux on a Dell Inspiron 630mWhat works and what doesn't...
Gentoo - Xorg 6.8.99 on Dell Inspiron 630mBit of outdated info about Xorg 6.8.99 for reference purposes...
IP Subnet ChartSubnets, masks and usable hosts
Temptations vs. NeedsI want a 64-bit Shiny Thing, don't I?
Visual random noise generatorTo do with Quantum Physics. Or something.
Powered by...The ubiquitous 'This site is powered by' page...
Parallel SCSI connectorsPiccies and blurb about various SCSI connectors and standards
What the fsck is Centrino?C'mon - tell me!
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