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KX-TD1232 Info

Phone systems can be obscure at the best of times and, having had to get to grips with basically re-installing a KX-TD1232 complete with BRI ISDN and a DECT cell site, I hope this little collection of scribbles will alleviate the pain and suffering I had to endure to get this bloody thing behaving as it should.

I hope to cover initial system setup, wiring pinouts for the extensions, cell site and BRI card, the CS and BRI stuff being the most unobtainable information I've ever had the misfortune of requiring!

At the end of the day, you have to remember that someone invented these things and engineers make a lot of money maintaining them. As such, with a little persiverence and determination (and a great helping of patience!), I'd say anyone capable of setting up a basic network could handle a PABX.

Note, however, I will not have a bad word said against phone engineers - my experience with them has always been a good (and usually entertaining!) one - but it is annoying to have to call or just to have a new DECT handset registered on the system!

Additionally, there are two ways of programming these PABXs - either via the system manager's extension (usually EXT201, plugged into port 01 on the main unit) or via some custom programming software on a laptop that's hooked into the system's RS-232 port. Depending on what you're doing, either method can be quicker and easier, but with the exception of registering new DECT handsets to a cell site, any operation can be done from both the System Manager's extension and the software.

This page was last updated: 4th August 2015 at 7:54pm BST

01 - First StepsInitial planning of your KX-TD1232 install
02 - KX-TD1232 extension wiringThe initial layout of your internal telephone wiring.
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