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Random noise generator

Someone suggested that certain random number generators can predict global disasters, such as 9/11 and the Asian Tsunami. If you see this thing go haywire, do let us know!

There are two noise generators here:

  • a picture generator, and
  • the Coin Toss Cumulative Deviation graph

The Picture Generator

This gadget flips a virtual coin and plots either a white dot for a head or a black dot for a tail. You can specify any image size up to 2048 x 2048 pixels. Remember the larger the image the more time it'll take to create.

You can also introduce a second random element by generating a random width for each black or white block. A value of '0' will ensure every point is only ever one pixel wide. Finally, you can set the toggle point. The machine generates a number between 0 and 99. If the toggle is set to 50 (default), anything below 50 is black, above 50 is white and so on... To use this gadget simply fill in the boxes below, or just hit the button to accept the defaults!

Width of graphic (pixels)
Height of graphic (pixels)
Max additional rand pixel width (0 for 'regular' noise)
Toggle bias point (0 < x < 100)
50 gives 50/50 possibility black or white
Single output or 3x3 grid? Single output

The Cumulative Deviation graph

This gadget takes a coin and flips it thousands of times. With a completely 'ideal' coin and an 'ideal' toss, with a sufficient number of throws you'd expect to get a graph that hovers around the 50/50 "zero" line, i.e. for every head you throw, you'd also throw a tail at some stage.

As you'll see from the graph, this is rarely the case! This gadget best approximates the apparatus described in the above article.

You can choose the number of tosses and, if you feel it'll make a difference, you can introduce a delay between each toss. Have fun!

Number of throws of the eCoin:
Introduce delay factor:

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