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1994 Toyota Celica GT-Four WRC (ST205)

Feb 2008 - Present
My GT4 before it was registered

Note: More up-to-date information on things I'm doing to this car can be found over on my 'blog.

One of the guys at the office had a ST185 Carlos Sainz GT-Four and took me for a drive round in it one day. I liked it so much I simply had to buy one :-D

This example was originally red and subsequently resprayed by the previous owner to the very Japanese white it is now. What's surprising is how thorough the spray-job was - it's at least as good as the original and the paint appears to be a deal thicker, too.

Good fun

Isn't it just? :-D This car will bumble along at 60 MPH like a normal motor, but drop it a cog and floor it and all hell breaks loose under the bonnet and you're flung towards the horizon at a disturbing rate of knots! Practically, this makes overtaking a much safer and more pleasurable experience (I'm a wuss when it comes to overtaking), and impractically it brings a huge grin to your face!

I've scientifically (!) measured the fuel consumption and just trolling to and from work its returning around 29 MPG, which is a lot better than I thought. Boot it though and it'll happily drop into the teens...

It's comfortably quicker than the majority of cars out there and it seems to surprise the ones that can beat it. The proper four-wheel drive is unobtrusive and makes the car impressively sure-footed. Corners are great fun and the power can be applied a lot earlier than any other car I've driven, allowing for corner exits at warp six :-D


It was imported to the UK in January and registered on the first of February by Daitoku / Midland Specialist Cars Ltd. It's a very good place: The people there were very courteous and friendly and they have a huge range of cars in stock. Do check the way they do the UK fog light conversions though: I got a crap £3.50 halfords toggle switch, a splice covered in cheap insulating tape and a wire draped over the centre of the boot floor. Shoddy IMHO...


  • 2.0-litre 16-valve double-overhead-cam turbocharged straight 4 (3S-GTE)
  • Permanent four-wheel-drive with 50/50 torque split
  • 5-speed manual with centre and front differentials in transaxle
  • Torsen limited-slip rear differential
  • Super-strut front suspension
  • Ventilated discs front and rear, four-pot front calipers, two-pot rears
  • HID Headlights
  • Generates a sound that makes you think the engine is inhaling squirrels when on light boost

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