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Dakar Rebuild - part 4

Dismantling the Dakar

OK - first some shots of the state the Dakar was in. It had been through the wars to some extent:
Off-side dash panel support Near-side front wing Off-side front driver's top sill Bent sill protector, near side De-baffled long-range fuel tank Single wiper - I _HATE_ that thing! Front with bull bar removed

So - to disassembly. The dash was easy as it was held together with cable ties, and half of the retaining nuts were missing:
Dash secured with cable ties Dash not secured with nuts...

All of my vehicles seem to attract mice - the Dakar is no exception! In this case, one of the little bastards has been making bedding from the expanding foam at the top of the bulkhead/shell join:
When mice attack...

David's door frames were carefully removed - not sure yet as to if they will be re-used, however they're certainly being retained. Seats could really do with a re-trim!:
Door frames and seats

Vehicle interior now looking altogether more spartan!
Interior without roof, doors or seats

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